Air conditioners And Cooling Systems

Air conditioners And Cooling Systems

Air conditioners And Cooling Systems in Accra Ghana

Air conditioners are part of the cooling systems used for cooling homes, offices, rooms, and enclosures when temperatures outside begin to rise above the desired temperature for room comfort levels. Air conditioning systems works by drawing warm air into the unit and using special coolant to cool the warm air down before circulating it back into the room in a much more cooling and refreshing air stream.

The air conditioning units we retail, supply, and fit comes in different types, some are integrated ones and others are split or wall mounted air conditioning units ideal for residential, restaurants, hotels, server rooms and office or commercial applications and these units can be mounted at the desired level from floor to ceiling. At Dansoaa we provide a selection of best quality air conditioning  or chilling units across Ghana, we retail and supply home air conditioning and cooling equipment and system unit plus, central air conditioning units for sale at our Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, Ho, Akosombo, Ashaiman, Shai Hills, Cape Coast, Tamale, Koforidua and many other towns and cities in Ghana.

Looking for air conditioners and Cooling Systems Call Dansoaa on 0505190999 or Book Online Now.

Air conditioning units and systems we supply comes from accredited manufacturers or brands with a minimum of two years manufacturer’s warranty. We have trained and professional technicians to undertake the installation or fitting of air conditions for both our domestic and commercial customers. We provide contract fitting, services and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration units for most businesses and private households customers in Ghana, looking for air conditioning service engineers in Ghana, contact Dansoaa company in your town or cities such as Tema, Accra, Kumasi, Koforidua, Cape Coast and many other towns and we can help you best.

Air Conditioning Specialists

We have become an air conditioning specialist company in Ghana, one of the main distributors and suppliers from air conditioning units from Brands such as Beko, Samsung, Hisense, Arcelik, Honeywell Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Chigo and many others. The energy efficiency of the freezing units are unravelled and then range of competitively priced split, and wall mounted air conditioning units sets as us apart from many of our competitors in the market for supply of cooling systems for homes and businesses. Our Beko and Arcelik brands of air conditioners have become both residential and business brands use. Whether you require Easy-Fit-DIY, wall mounted, portable or multi-split air conditioners, at Dansoaa our partners will assist you by making the right choice to fit your requirements or use.

Easy-fit Air Conditioning Units

The Easy-fit air conditioning units have been designed to elegantly enhance your room’s aesthetic appeal. So if you’re looking for an air con unit which is visually appealing and quick to install, this could be the perfect option for you. We stock a range of Easy-fit air conditioning units, which tend to be a popular option for our customers and are compatible for both commercial and domestic air conditioning requirements. Our Easy-fit products are simple to install as they are pre-gassed meaning there’s no requirement for installation tools and can be installed quickly.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

We offer a selection of wall mounted air con units, another popular choice for air conditioning or freezing units, wall mounted units are the easiest to install as well as being one of the most cost effective options. The modern wall mounted air con units we provide can also offer heating facilities as well as cooling. This unit a also well know parts of the DIY air conditioning units which are compact and easy to fit, these types of units are ideal for a range of premises, whether it’s for offices, high rise buildings, conservatories, hotels, apartment buildings and other commercial applications.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

We also provide a range of portable air conditioning units from only the highest standard manufacturers, the units we supply are top quality and include a range of features to ensure the most effective air con. Some of the portable chilling units come with water refrigerant cooling systems with jet air streams for cool your living spaces. Even so, is can be moved from one place to another as required to optimize the distribution of cooling in rooms.

Air Conditioning Features

The air conditioning units we supply has modern features to make the operation easy while maintaining energy efficiency, the technical features are 3 in 1 filter with Vitamin C, Silver iron and Anti-Virus filters, 4D air flow, with integrated built in WI-Fi. If you are the spoilt person then you get a remote controller which you can adjust the speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise. Some of the cooling chilling systems has timer features to turn the unit on and off automatically the display is digital for easy read, what more do you expect from an air conditioning unit with Google home internet controls while you are away to cool your home before arriving home.

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