Air Conditioning And Cooling Products

Cool off in the hot season at the switch of a button with the help of air conditioning units, fans and other cooling products available at Dansoaa home improvement and hardware store in Accra Tema area, whether you live in Achimota, Airport residential area, Osu, Cantomens, Lashiebi or Prampram area shop with us for your ceiling fans and air-conditioning unit at Dansoaa hardware and building material shop. We are located along the Tema to Akosombo Road near Shai Hills.

Looking for air conditioning unit to buy in Accra, Tema part so Greater Accra Region of Ghana, Visit Dansoaa Hardware and Building Material Store.

We supply and fit air-conditioning units for both commercial businesses and domestic customers, whether you are bank, legal, insurance company to hospitality industry like hotels and restaurants and looking for cooling products, we are one of the best in Ghana when it comes to cooling products supplies. Check our stores for ceiling fans, table fans, movable air-conditioning units, floor fans, desks fans at Dansoaa. Contact our Sales Team Now for more information on cooling products.

When temperatures start to rise during the hot seasons in Ghana, you can take control of your comfort and reduce the heat in your home in a matter of seconds with one of our handy portable air conditioning units. Easy to use and light weight, they can be conveniently moved between rooms without any fuss. Say goodbye to humid nights too, with timers, sleep modes and remote control settings so you can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s snooze. Our wide range of fans come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for desks, kitchens, bedrooms and even keeping cool on the go.

We have fans suitable for every space – ones that can get a breeze circulating in a large room, ones that sit on your desk, and ones that can fit in your handbag while on the move. Or if you really can’t stand the heat, our air conditioning units will turn that oppressive office into a polar paradise in no time at all.

Peruse the extensive selection of cooling products from Dansoaa and enjoy the optimum temperature in your home. We supply and fit air-conditioning units, both split air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial businesses in Ghana. Contact our Sales Team Now

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