Blow Torches

Blow Torches For Sale and Supplies In Accra, Tema Ghana

Blow torches are used in plumbing and metalworking projects; blowlamp is used to apply flame and heat to join pipes together. Blow touches are powered by replaceable gas canisters or bottles and mostly disposable canisters, though some are refillable for professional and long uses as opposed to mains electricity or battery blowlamps produce a flame that can be concentrated on the area where work is undertaken. At Dansoaa DIY store or building material store near you in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Afienya, Dodowa, Shai Hills, Sege, Ada, Madina Accra and many other surrounding towns and cities you will find the perfect blow torch for your plumbing and metal works.

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A blow torch or blowlamp is used to apply flame and heat to various applications, usually with metalwork. High temperatures are created but not so hot to cause combustion or welding. Typical uses are for soldering, brazing, softening paint for removal or heating bitumen for repairing cracks. A blow torch is also a useful tool for anyone troubled with weeds, directing intensive heat which instantly destroys the weeds. We stock blow torches from different manufacturers such as GoSystem Blow Torch, Dremel Blow Torch, and other accessories like the butane gas bottles for blow touch and more.

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