Bright Nails

Bright nails Accra, Tema, Ghana

Bright nails are used in both masonry, carpentry, joinery and other applications. Bright nails are commonly used for indoor works where corrosion is unlikely, when buying nails for joinery applications it is important to ensure the type of nail to be selected, as bright nails are not coated with a protective finish and as such not recommended for use externally. Dansoaa building materials and hardware store, we stock bright nails from different manufacturers when you visit any of our stores in Accra, Tema, Afienya, Dodowa, Prampram, Osu Re, East Legon, Airport residential area, Shai Hils, Ashaiman, Afariwaa area and many other towns and cities surrounding the greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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Bright Nails we stock come from different manufacturers such as Paslcode Bright Collated Nails, Easyfix Lost Head Bright Nails, Easyfix Round Wire Bright Nails, Timco Annular Ringshank Nails and more, the bright nails come in different diameters from 2.6x50mm, 2.6x40mmm 3.35x65mm to collated Paslcode Bright IM360 Collated Nails 2.8x63mm 3300pack. Bright Nails are used to join materials together with the use of a hammer or nail gun, bright nails are an ideal choice where the finished appearance is important as the head can often be punched very close to the surface. These are available in a selection of diameters, sizes and head types to achieve various finishes. At Dansoaa we listen to our customers’ needs for their DIY product sourcing, the use of the materials and how to save costs, our in store assistants are trained to assess and advise wherever possible.

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