Building Materials Estimating Service

Sometimes getting your head around the costing of your building materials needed to complete a housing or decoration project is difficult to estimate, underestimate, you will have to re-finance your project cost and then over estimate you will end up wasting a lot of building materials which will go to waste and increase your project cost of capital. Which is why Dansoaa Builders Merchant in Ghana, Accra, Tema, Afienya, Dodowa, Shai Hills and many more branches has come out with this revolutionary idea or service to builders and project managers within the construction industry. We have an in house estimating team to assist you with all your accurate estimating of building materials and labour from you Architect and engineering drawings.

Living Abroad?

At Dansoa Builders Merchant Store, our building materials estimating team know that most of our customers are either located or living abroad in Europe, Americas, Asia or living outside of Ghana, and looking to undertake either a complete house building project or decorating their property in Ghana. Dansoaa has researched into the market for estimating building materials for our customers, we know and understand that, for our customers, completing a building project can be much more than what your architect has drawn or discussion with your local mason or builder.

Your Hard Earned Monies Could Be Corrupted

Your hard earned monies abroad could fall into the hands of unscrupulous trades men in Ghana, who can use deceitful or corrupt means to burn out your cash into uncompleted projects, that is if you are lucky, if not, nothing of a property or dream house to show on your welcome arrival in Ghana for inspection.

Project Costing and Building Material Sourcing

Even so, trust has been a major problem when living abroad and employing the services of a local builder; friends and family members to project manage and source all the building materials for your house building or decorating project. Cost can be overly estimated or inferior building materials products could be purchased by these trusted associate resulting in shoddy construction works on your building project. We step in to assist you all the way for estimation using your architectural designs, project costing and providing specialist advice wherever possible while sourcing from our extensive range of products, reducing your time sourcing products to complete your project

Our extensive ranges of products are all available under one roof, reducing time sourcing products to complete your project:

Building Materials And Hardware

  • Timber & Building Materials (Cement, Blocks, Bricks, Paving etc)
  • Aggregates- (Sand, Gravel, Stones)
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Tiling
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Landscaping & Fencing
  • Tool-Hire

 After estimating the cost of your building materials, we will send you a quotation for your consideration and building material purchasing, payment can be made to Dansoaa Building Materials and Hardware Store. After processing your building materials and hardware supplies quotes.


  1. We Accept Payment By Electronic Bank Transfer.
  2. Payment by Mobile Money


  1. Delivery can be made by Dansoaa to your House or Site
  2. Pick or Collection from Dansoaa Warehouse.

Estimating Service charges start from as low as 350 Gh Cedis for a single Storey building.

Our estimate will provide you with an extensive, competitively priced list of materials and labour for your project.

Requesting an estimate

Before you can request an estimate, you must ensure you have read and understood our terms of service prior to submitting your request. Any questions/queries regarding the service or outline should be raised with  or or discussed with our estimating team on +233 24388 4380 or +233 505519 0999 prior to accepting our terms of service and requesting an estimate.

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