Barbecue, Party, Picnic Garden

Creating A Barbecue, Party, Picnic Garden

In Ghana and for that matter cities like Accra, Tema, Afienya, Kumasi and many other towns and cities parties and events such as naming ceremonies, funerals, family gatherings are carried out mostly at the backyard of homes, offices and compounds as a result of fine weather. It is good after decorating our gardens and patio it is put into economic and practical use. Your decorated backyard garden or patio can be used to recreate the fun of barbecuing, partying and picnic without leaving home. From a fire pit to a tent to yummy snacks, or setting up your garden chairs and table for simple family gathering and meals.

A Backyard Camping Theme

At Dansoaa building materials and hardware store we have put together some great ideas to getting your backyard organized for camping and making fun for the kids. With a bit of imagination, you can personalize a fun backyard camping night at home for you and your family. Take stock of what you already have available — whether that’s grilling tools, comfy cushions or a space to gather — then pick a theme. Movie night, an outdoor grilling competition — you name it. Once you pick a theme, decide what you’ll need to make it happen. 

Once you gather all supplies, you will need a barbecue stand, if not you can purchase one at Dansoaa Stores near you including charcoal, food including drinks and snacks. Otherwise you can build an outdoor fire pit.

After putting together all these, you will need some garden sitting chairs and tables, if not purchase some from Dansoaa home improvement and decorating stores near you in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, East Legon, Kumasi, Afienya, Dodowa, Akosombo and many other part of Ghana.

Some turquoise Adirondack chairs for a pop of color and extra seating, along with a few warm blankets and plush pillows, could help if for organizing your outdoor garden if you want the kids to have camping experience.No night of camping in the backyard is complete without snack options. For pizza over the grill is quite nonnegotiable. Add in charcuterie and wine for the adults and gelato, s’mores and Italian soda soft drinks for the kids, storing it in an ice chest cooler such as  favorite YETI Cooler will keep the drinks and gelato cold, while the fire pit doubled as a grill.

A night outside with your favorite people couldn’t be more simple and entertaining. With a little help from Dansoaa, it’s easy to recreate your favorite vacation or camping trip in the comfort and safety of your own backyard.

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