Gravel Stone, Pebbles, Chippings Supply

We supply gravel, stone, pebbles, chippings for surfacing pathways at relatively low costs and without the need for additional laying expertise. Our gravel supply at Dansoaa comes in different sizes, from 10mm  to 40mm gravel sizes, the 10mm gravel size is mostly used as a decorative surface can also act as additional security measure, the crunching sound when walked over may alert you to uninvited guests, but even so prevent minor water standing around the compound of your house. 

We supply this gravel in smaller quantities for householders doing some DIY, jobs to bigger landscaping projects for commercial customers. The 10mm gravel may also be used to provide ballast for a medium-strength concrete when mixed with sand and cement. Order your gravel in bags or sacks for convenience, and store some for future use or as and when needed for your works.

For chippings and other aggregates for road construction and other commercial uses we are one of the major suppliers in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman and other parts of Ghana. Dansoaa aggregates supply division has worked with major construction companies through out the construction of the main Tema harbour, railway contruction and other private and Government projects.

Order your gravel from Dansoaa Building Material and hardware stores located in many parts of the greater Accra region of Ghana. Part or our bulk aggregates range, this product will be supplied in Dansoaa jumbo bag, highly resistant to water damage and tears ensuring your gravel remains in great condition for as long as possible.

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