Guides To Fitting or Remodelling Average Bathroom and Costs

Guides To Fitting or Remodelling Average Bathroom and Costs

Before considering fitting a bathroom or remodelling as existing bathroom either by yourself by Doing It Yourself (DIY) or employing the services of a professional bathroom fitting company. There are some simple steps or guides which will assist you in your quest to undertaking your bathroom fitting or renovation. The first step might be to consider the entire cost of the bathroom renovation and the timeline to keep you organized as these steps ensures success of a complete project.

Please consider some of the simple steps below.

  • Are you ready for the DIY bathroom fitting or remodel?
  • Before you begin a bathroom remodel, what to consider.
  • Average bathroom fitting or renovation costs.
  • Consider a minor makeover.
  • A Major Bathroom Remodel
  • Planning for your bathroom fitting or remodel.

Are You Ready For a DIY Fitting or Remodel?

Fitting a new bathroom or renovating an existing one is a daunting tasks and process; you might consider undertaking these tasks by doing it yourself or hire professional works man to install a new bathroom. Whichever way you take it, most District Assembly’s in Ghana will request a planning permission before work starts without compromising planning permission. Poorly organized bathroom fittings look bad, and mostly turn off future property buyers and might create expensive corrections or structural problems. At Dansoaa building Materials and Hardware store we have put together some guides below to make sure you are prepared and able to complete a bathroom DIY project without any hassle.

Before you Begin or Start a Bathroom fitting or Remodel

Understanding the entire scope of the bathroom fitting is important, from budgeting to building materials sourcing. If you are undertaking a DIY bathroom fitting and renovation project, do you have the knowledge, experience and the tools needed for the remodelling?

Others including the permits, time to organize your projects, licenses, and inspections and most of all the time frame allowed to complete the project, for a longer time project for bathroom fitting and remodelling cost more as building material price change over time.

Average Bathroom Fitting and Remodel Cost

Research suggests that the average bathroom redesign budget is typically dictated by the size of the bathroom space, which is averaged per square feet. At Dansoaa we assist by planning with you on your journey to designing the bathroom space you desire by working with you from the initial measure, design and final fitting. We will collate organize the building materials such as flooring, shower enclosures, bathroom sinks, taps, wash basins etc needed, this will give you indication of the cost involved before undertaking any bathroom fitting project.

You know the perfect and functional bathroom you desire, think about everything that you would like to update, replace, or add in your bathroom. An updated bathroom is an attractive selling point and the expected return on your investment is more than 60% on major remodel.

A Minor Bathroom Makeover or Remodel

Depending on the size of your bathroom space and functional features, a typical bathroom makeover range between $200 and $5,000, the project might include the following.

  • New bathroom faucets, sink, shower and bathroom WC Suit and other building materials
  • If you wan to upgrade with new bathroom decorative tiles such as Porcelain Tiles and ceramic tiles, this will give a new look to your existing bathroom space.
  • New bathtub or shower or bath systems
  • Changing bathroom fixtures
  • New bathroom supply lines, drainpipes, and electrical fittings
  • New or additional bathroom cabinets, wall fittings and more.
  • Remodelling existing one with wall divides and replacing bathroom flooring.

A Major Bathroom Remodel

A major bathroom remodel typically exceeds $5,000. Projects that might be included in a large renovation aside the upgrading with some of the bathroom materials the above example of the minor bathroom makeover will also include the following below.

  • New bathroom cabinet and fixture layout
  • Adding or removing doorways
  • Moving and/or expanding a bath
  • Redoing bathroom plumbing and electrical fittings.
  • Upgrading bathroom surfaces and finishes
  • Adding skylights and/or windows
  • Modernising the bathroom space by adding wall hung WCs, automated systems and more.



For any bathroom updates or building a new one contact Dansoaa bathroom fitters in Ghana, at any of our stores located near you. Our partners will assist you in planning, researching and finally completing your functional dream bathroom. Call 0505190999 or Book Appointment Now.

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