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Guides To Upgrading And Fitting Kitchens

Guides To Upgrading And Fitting Kitchens

As a homeowner or property developer you must be researching into how best to install new kitchens, upgrade existing kitchens for a completely new look while updating a few things also for modernisation. The backdrop of your research is more about stylish, quality materials for fitting kitchen and most of all value for money project .

Whether you a resident in one of the cities such as Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape-Coast, Afienya, Shai Hills, East Legon and other towns and cities in Ghana or you are a Ghanaian resident living abroad in Europe, Asia, U.S.A, Canada, UAE, or in any part of the world and a keen Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiast or just eager to cut cost for fitting new kitchens.

These guides will assist you through the stages of completing the dream kitchen you desired at various stages such as Designs, new kitchen installation, building materials and hardware purchases, Kitchen Appliances buying guides, Kitchen Tiles and Flooring, Kitchen Worktops, Kitchen Taps and Sinks to maintenance guides. Some of the simplest ideas, knowledge, and information you are likely to need are here for creating an inspirational kitchen from Dansoaa Kitchens.

Dansoaa Kitchen Specialist Approach

We have teamed up with Kitchen fitters or Specialist companies such as KS Habitat Construction company which designs, fit and supply quality kitchen materials of European standards, and will incorporate everything into the designs of kitchens from Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, U.SA and more, with finishing touches to complete your kitchen, from worktops to backsplashes tiles, appliances to storage solutions, sinks and taps too.

Every kitchen is unique, and your buying experience should be too. Our dedicated in branch kitchen specialists are on hand to listen to what you are looking for and design a kitchen that meets your expectations but exceed them. Call 050519099 or Book Appointment Online Now.

What Is The Best Way Or Cost Effective Way to Design and Plan Your Kitchen?

You might as well look at some of our Virtual Kitchen Designer, is a great place to start, this tool lets you explore all your kitchen design ideas, find estimated costs for your project and consult with a designer to get every detail.  

How Much Will A New Kitchen or Upgrade Cost?

Fitting a new kitchen or upgrading your existing kitchen, you will need to consider different factors, as cost varies by project or simply the size of the galley or pantry you want to fit.

Kitchen Materials Sourcing Guides

Kitchen Cabinets are of obvious importance to fitting new kitchen, which takes significant proportion of the costs, Countertops or Worktops and tile for backsplashes follow closely behind, new flooring or Tiles, lighting accessories or faucets and other construction materials are also things to plan for, purchase wisely, not overspending but just purchasing good quality materials for long lasting kitchens.

Kitchen Appliances

If you are fitting a new kitchen or makeover, there are different types of kitchen electrical appliances to purchase, some are built in appliances such as fridges, washing machines, cooking hub, microwave ovens, and smaller kitchen electrical appliances such as kettle and blenders for preparation of dishes. Lastly some modern cookware, dinning ware and storage solutions.

Installation and Labour Cost.

At this stage a critical decision must be made, having to hire a professional kitchen fitter to fit your new kitchen, if you choose to go that route, will affect cost, but will obviously provide a quality workmanship for the installation. If it is possible to manage without specialist kitchen fitters and you are more experienced with DIY and feel confident with intermediate-level-projects, you can upgrade your kitchen yourself which can help save money.

Other Factors

    • Adding custom or bespoke touches to your kitchen remodel can increase expenses too, for example custom kitchen cabinetry will be more expensive than stock cabinets but you then create a kitchen which is more personalized to your needs.

    • The cost can also vary depending on where you live.

    • Some kitchen fitting material types such as countertops, taps, sinks will cost more than others.

    • Make sure you plan for the unexpected costs, including new construction defects costs which might otherwise be encountered for most kitchen upgrades.

There is little doubt that the more knowledge you have about your kitchen fit the more prepared to complete the project, at the sometime saving cost and keep in mind creating a new look doesn’t always mean you have to redo- the entire room, one area can make a big impact. For more information on designs, kitchen appliances, and purchasing materials, visit Dansoaa Kitchens Showroom and plan with us. Get started by contacting Dansoaa for more information and Professional Installation Quote.

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