Hand Saws

Hand saws in Accra, Tema, Ghana

Hand saws are an essential tool for any DIYers, household or professional tradesman as they are suitable for use in carpentry or joinery projects. Hand saws are used for cutting wood, timer, trees, cardboard, and many materials. The hand saw or cutting blade has been with us for more than a century, a tool invented for use in cutting timber by the colonials when great African timber products were in high demand in Europe for construction The hand saw has been modified as a simple light hand held tool for cutting materials to give a smooth, clean cuts. 

At Dansoaa building materials and hardware store, our hand saws come from a selection of wide range brands as well as variation types and sizes to suit all tasks for which they are employed. Source your hand saws from any of our stores in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Afienya, Kasoa, Dansoman, Akosombo, Sege, Prampram, Koforidua, Somanya and many surrounding areas in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. We stock hand saws with popular brands such as Spear & Jackson wood Saw. 10TPI, 8TPI, 7TPI, Magnusson Second fix 20’ fine Cut Wood Saw 11 TPI, 7TPI, Irwin Jack Plus Universal Fine Panel Saw, 8 TPI, Magnusson 5.9’ Junior Hacksaw, Magnusson 24’’ Bow Saw, Magnusson 12’’ Fine PVC saw 13 TPi

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Hand saws stock by Dansoaa building material and Hardware store come in different types, some have resharpenable blades so can be used many times, with the teeth per inch being the biggest influences on its cutting ability. Depending on the how quickly or smoothness of the cut to be achieved and finished, the choice of blade with more teeth per inch (known as TPI), bigger teeth cuts faster, but have few teeth, but using a bigger teeth will give rough finishing, but ideal for construction projects. But if you are looking for a finer finish for wood cutting for crafts, decorative materials then use a finer blade. At Dansoaa our in store partners will assist you in choosing your hand saw for DIY or professional projects.

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