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Kitchen Design Layout For New and Renovated Houses

Kitchen Design Layout For New and Renovated Houses

Kitchen Design Layout For New and Renovated Houses

There are essentially six different kitchen layouts that work well for modern houses, renovated properties when remodelling existing kitchens. We would like to assist you in choosing your kitchen layout or design concept, this envisage or gives you the imagination of your kitchen layout project you desired. Go through the different layouts before approaching a kitchen design specialist such as Dansoaa kitchen fitters division as part of building materials and hardware suppliers in Ghana. We help residents of Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Shai Hills, Kumasi, Koforidua, Wa, and many other cities and towns in Ghana to plan, measure, design and finally put their dream kitchen to completion.

Galley Layout

Named after a sailing ship’s cooking area, the galley layout places a premium on efficiency and intimacy, with two rows of cabinets set on either side, and the galley, where the chef works, in between. It’s a simple yet convenient design. This layout is preferred by most customers when there is ample space or area for the fitting of a new kitchen and leading to an outside garden or patio area.

L-Shaped Layout

The L-shape design features two rows of cabinetry set perpendicular to each other. This design works well whether your kitchen is large or small, though the corner will require some skilled carpentry to accommodate the cabinetry.

One-Wall Layout

Popular in smaller homes, the one-wall layout places the cabinetry and sink against a single wall. This provides an open space between the cabinets and the rest of the house, maximizing the use of space. This type of layout is popular with smaller apartments or houses, with the recent springing up of new apartments building in Ghana, Accra, this kitchen layout has become popular with most of these homes. It is much cost-effective style of kitchens.

U-Shaped Layout

A popular choice for larger kitchens, the U-shaped design sets cabinets on three walls, with the sink often set in the middle. This layout provides substantial storage space.

Island Layout

This plan works great with open kitchens that leave room to place an island in the center. The island then becomes the heart of the kitchen and often includes a sink and storage space. Island types of kitchens have now become a common feature in most newly built housed in Ghana as most houses in Ghana are quite big compared to houses in Europe.

Peninsula Layout

In some ways, this design is a cross between a galley and an island layout — but instead of a free-standing island, this design connects the “peninsula” to one wall, leaving the other end free. The peninsula provides counter space for food prep, eating or simply hanging about. The peninsula layout is also fitted for most big room kitchens, it allows extra space for dinning area and facility for doing the laundry, ironing, and extra storage space for other kitchen cleaning products.

Designing Your Dream Kitchen With Dansoaa Kitchen Planners.

Combining practicality with the right look and feel at the right budget is what is needed on your journey to installing a new kitchen. At Dansoaa we understand this importance, so we will work with you at the research and planning, to measuring up, design or model your dream kitchen with material sourcing to final dream into reality. Call 0505190999 or Book Appointment Now.

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