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Nail Gun, Accra Tema, Ghana

Nail guns are powerful electric tools which quickly and easily drive nails into wood, furniture, plastic, thin sheet of metals and many materials using a trigger that activate the driving mechanism for the firing pin. Nailers are operated by either compressed air or a rotating electric motor to deliver fast firing speeds and high precision. Nailers or nail guns are very fast in its fixings into a variety of materials that is taking the painstaking process of manually using a hammer to drive nail, spike or pins into materials saving time and effort in the process. They are commonly used in professional works such as carpentry, furniture assembly companies. At Dansoaa Power Tool Shop in Accra, Tema, Afienya, Ashaiman, Sege, Dodowa, Prampram and other surrounding areas of the greater Accra region of Ghana, we stock nail guns from different manufacturers such as Stanley, DeWALT, Titan, Paslode, Makita and more with optional power such as cordless and cord electric ones for your work process.

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During one of my visits to Ghana from the UK, when I was driving along the Tema Akosombo stretch to Dansoaa Building Material and Hardware Store proposed site under construction at Shai Hills, near Accra the capital city of the Ghana, I saw a local furniture manufacturing business by the roadside using a nail gun to put together pieces of furniture together, I then said to myself woow, its good now carpenters in Ghana are using nailers to save a considerable time in their works. The use of nail guns has revolutionised the works of trades, such as artisans, wood carvers, furniture producers and more so they are ideally suited for professional use in construction tasks such as framing and sub-flooring laying where manual nailing would have otherwise be highly repetitive and time consuming.

Available in a range of power sources including cordless that allows greater flexibility than air or electric. Look for features such as angled or straight magazines giving greater accessibility and manoeuvrability. Some of the nail guns has different features, the Titan cordless nailer fires 18ga, 25mm nail and fires up to 20/min with sequential trigger action, the DeWALT 18V cordless Nailer, awesome nail gun fires up to 240/min with sequential trigger action, fires 18ga, 18mm braid nails. At Dansoaa, our in store partners will assist you in choosing the right Nail gun for your professional project.

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