Plasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard Fixings for Sale Accra, Tema, Kumasi Ghana

Plasterboard fixings screws are designed to work with plasterboard or dry-walling to provide a secure, firm and lasting fixing. Plasterboard is used in many construction projects, as they offset the use of concrete, wooden walls for partitioning or dividing rooms and sections of buildings. They are easy to construct, cheaper than concrete or brick walls, but the fittings and dry walling requires firm and robust screws to fit them together before painting. 

Plasterboard fixings which comes in different shapes and sizes are used by both professional and DIYers, at Dansoaa we stock plasterboard fixings from different manufacturers when you shop with us at any of our branches in Accra, Tema, Afienya, Dodowa, Sege, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Akosombo, Koforidua, Shai Hills and many other cities and towns in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Shop for Plasterboard Fixings from Quality Brands at Low Prices.

Plasterboard anchors are robust enough to support the weight of plasterboard, and are quick and easy to insert. The range includes different sizes from well-known brands and they are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We stock plasterboard screws and fixings from brands such as Fischer with self-Drill Plasterboard Fixings Metal 35mm 100pack, Rawlplug Uno Wall Plug 6x28mm 300pack, Corefix Metal Original Heavy Duty Dot & Dab Wall Fixing 10x95mm 24 pack or very robust and reusable ones like the Griplt Plasterboard Fixing 25x205mm 25pack. For more commercial uses, our in store partners will assist you with your plasterboard enquiries.

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