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Roofing Screws And Caps

roofing screws and caps, Accra - Tema-Afienya, Ghana

Roofing screws and caps are essential accessories for fastening your roofing materials or sheets to the roofing of your house, buildings for both domestic and commercial properties when undertaking any tiling or roofing project in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Afienya, Dodowa, and any other parts of Ghana. 

Roofing screws is essential for ensuring the roof is secure, so selecting your roofing or cladding screws, it is important to ensure a quality type screw is selected so that they can withstand wind pressure and the elements. For secure fixes of roofing sheets, the tacks or screws, caps used must be well protected, which is why at Dansoaa roofing supplies in Ghana we have stock a wide range of quality roofing screws with caps, the TEK carbon steel roofing screws are designed to work with different materials for complete and secure connections. The bolts or rivets are much durable and strong enough for lasting attachment to the roofs or cladding materials, be it wood or any composite material.

Use self-drilling TEK cladding screws that incorporate a 5/16th hex head and a stainless steel and neoprene bonded saddle washer are used to fix sheets to wood or metal purlins in the lower section of sheet profiles. Longer screws of up to 175mm in length are available for fixing through insulation materials or composite panel. These roofing screws include heavy section, light section and timber purlin.

TEK screws in a 65mm length with BAZ washers are used for corrugated sheeting to fix through the top of the corrugation into timber purlins. Self-Tapping or ‘stitching’ TEK screws are available for fixing trims to a metal sheet, or sheet to sheet on laps.

Colour caps are used to cover screw heads for a seamless, professional look. These coloured roofing screws covers provide a colour matched finish in over a dozen shades. 

At Dansoaa Builders Merchant store we stock traditional but modernized TEK type sel-drilling fix screws which are designed for fixing to timber purlins. This screw types have a 5/16 TH hexagonal head with 19mm bonded sealing washer that will ensure they stay watertight and secure for longer lasting roofing.

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