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Scuttles, Kits And Trays

Scuttles, Kits And Trays For Sale And Supplies Accra Tema Ghana

Scuttles, kits and trays are essential accessories for undertaking painting and decorating tasks by professionals and DIYs. Scuttles or paint buckets in various sizes for your shopping at Dansoaa Building Materials and hardware store within your local shopping precinct in Accra, Tema, Dodowa, Afienya, East Legon, Osu, Teshie Nungua, Sege, Dawa, Akosombo and other major cities in Ghana such as Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast and more.

Shop for Scuttles, Paint Buckets, Kits and Tays Brands at Low Prices.

Decorating your property, house or offices calls for painting and decorating accessories, at Dansoaa we have everything you need for your decorating jobs. We stock kits, trays and buckets which come in sets. Consider the decorating package or set made up of paint tray, roller, paint brush for your painting project. Choose from optional brands such as Harris Trade Extra Long Pile Masonry Roller & Brush Set 4pcs, No Nonsense Paint Scuttle or bucket 2.5tr, to larger buckets for holding up to 5tr of paint with wider opening for paint roller dipping. We stock optional disposable and re-usable ones ideal for both small and large commercial jobs within the adhesive industry. Our decorator kits contain all those essential tools for decorating.

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