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Soldering Irons

Soldering Irons For Sale And Supplies Accra, Tema, Shai Hills Ghana

Soldering irons are used for electrical and electronic works, they are electrical tools which apply heat, melting solder allowing you to join metals like copper, lead, aluminium together, they can also be used in plumbing works. Visiting any electrician, electronics repair shop for TVs, radios and auto electricians scattered about in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Afienya, Sege, Dodowa, Shai Hills, Akosombo, Achimota, Adenta, Hatso, Aburi, and many other surrounding towns and cities in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, you will find either handheld or table top soldering irons used by professionals.

Looking for Soldering Irons For Sale and Supplies Shop For Quality At Great Prices.

A soldering iron has a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heat is generated by passing heat to the metal tip, then used to join electrical components together, it is used for installations, repairs and commercial types of electrical and electronic components assembling for vehicles, aircraft, machinery, TVs and many plumbing works.

Soldering irons can also be used in pyrography for burning creative designs into wood but less commonly used in plastic welding. You can use a variety of tips or bits which come in various sizes and shapes to achieve different results. At Dansoaa Building materials and hardware and electrical store near you, we stock soldering irons of different types and specifications from many brands, chose from coded soldering irons, others comes with table top holders, such as the Rothenberger Corded 25W Soldering Iron to GoSystem Micro-tech Pen Torch soldering irons to choose from. Our in store electrical and electronic partners will assist you with your soldering iron enquiries or selection for either professional or DIY use.

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