Tips On Kitchen Updates Ideas

Tips On Kitchen Updates Ideas

Tips On Kitchen Updates Ideas

From conception to design and then putting your kitchen into reality, the tips will help you put your kitchen makeover in practicality at the same time saving costs. This kitchen décor ideas will help you remodel your kitchen with the styles and features in providing a functional living space at home. KS Habitat Construction kitchen fitters in conjunction with Dansoaa has researched into the world of modern kitchens to provide you with the guidelines below to assist with your kitchen makeovers.

This is in consistent with the latest developments in fitting new kitchen in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, East Legon, Cantoments, Hatso, Kumasi, Shai Hills, Afienya and many cities in Ghana.

  1. Kitchen Backsplash

When updating or renovating your kitchen, you might like to introduce backsplash which is simple to install and practical, there are different types of backsplash, traditional or long existing ones are made up of kitchen ceramic wall tiles, the tiles are cost effective and can be presented in different colours to match your kitchen cabinets. Some splashbacks also come in glass which are cheaper options to consider if you are looking for presentable but budget kitchens.

Now there is AluSplash backsplash made up of aluminium materials which is eco-friendly, fire resistant, light weight easy to install and maintain. A hight quality good value alternative to glass, with gloss or matt surfaces. This type of backsplash is trending and might be an option you want to consider.

  • Paint Dated Kitchen Cabinets.

Undertaking a DIY project on kitchens is an opportunity to give your old kitchen a new face or makeover, by painting your existing dated wooden kitchen cabinets, you will save money and costs to replacing new kitchen cabinets. For a clean look, consider using neutral tones, example bright shade white.

  • Add Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island incorporation into your new kitchen remodel brings new look as well as with added functionality of using the kitchen island for preparing food, adding sink for cleaning and extra storage cupboards for cookware and dinnerware. Kitchen island has also become space saving, as can be used as dinner table and comfy seating for family, friends and table top small TV or radio.

  • Introduce Open Shelving Style

By introducing shelves instead of upper cabinets, this create more room and make the kitchen looks larger. Install shelves at standard upper cabinets heights, then placing the approximately 18 inches the lower shelf above the counter.

  • Update For Modern Worktops or Countertop

Worktops have become the crowning glory of most kitchen. Some worktops are made up of wood, decorated stones, now with compact laminated worktops, this countertop are hardwearing, easy to clean and water resistant and long lasting than many wood laminated ones. You can dress up your kitchen with new laminated countertops to give your kitchen a new face. Shop for our new range of laminated worktops which comes in different finishes such as matt, satin, gloss, smooth and high definition stone and woodgrain. Updating your kitchen surfaces with this new worktop will bring you a refreshing experience.

6.Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Aside considering energy efficiency of your kitchen appliances which in turn save energy cost, other tips to upgrading your kitchen is changing your existing refrigerator to an American Style fridge, this adds new look as well as more space for storing foods and drinks. A cooker can be replaced with cooking hob and hood stove, compact appliances and microwave ovens. Some of the Kitchen Appliances come with Smart Home Connectivity.

7.Flooring Focus.

There are many choices available nowadays, there different kitchen floor tiles to choose from, some of the tiles are patterned floor tiles with different colours, shape, sizes from earth warm tones of browns, greys and whites, there is a tile to suit all tastes when you visit Dansoaa Building materials and tile store near you. Changing your kitchen floor for traditional hardwoods, vinyl or glazed ceramic tiles can make a difference. Check on our Tile Fitting Guides.

8. Add Some Character

The kitchen is the heart of the home as well as cooking is an art, inspire confidence for your family, friends and visitors who might occasionally come for family dinner or barbecue party. Look for creative ways to display your cookware such as pots, frying pans, dinnerware  like plates, ceramic bowls and drinkware to reflect your home’s personality.

9. Other Guidelines

Make some spaces by introducing kitchen chairs and stools, as an informal place to sit for coffee or cuppa, this creates a cozy look space in the kitchen. Make room for your food preparation such as chopping, kneading and mixing. Declutter your kitchen always to make it presentable, may be a nice artifact in a corner or traditional pot sited in a corner.

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