Use The Power Flower in Accra, Tema Ghana

Use The Power Flower

Butterflies are very intelligent garden insects with great colours to admire by all of us, so they are much more adapted to the colours of plants in our environment. To get butterflies attracted to our gardens, plant flowers in drifts. There are many colourful flowers in Accra, Tema, Ghana, researching into gardening products for Dansoaa this brings to mind very bright flowers or scented tree hibiscus flowers which attract butterflies in Ghana in gardens and cemeteries.

Butterflies are more likely to notice large swaths of colour, like these yellow yarrow and rudbeckia. Also, go for bright colors. Red flowers attract more butterflies than white flowers.

An illustration of a blue sky, one blue butterfly, red and yellow flowers with green leaves.

Include Host Plant

An illustration of a blue sky, pink house, blue butterflies and yellow flowers in a field.

Plants, such as fennel (shown), dill and parsley, are popular food sources for caterpillars that’ll later turn into butterflies. If you’re worried about nibbled foliage, hide the plants in an inconspicuous spot. 

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