Vices And Clamps

Vices And Clamps Accra, Tema, Ghana

Vices and clamps are widely used in woodworking projects, and more so metal welding to engineering projects which are used to hold firmly objects or materials when working on them. Vices and clamps are invaluable in wood works as they can be used to hold tight wood pieces together for cutting, measuring and smoothing. In most carpentry and engineering workshops you will find a vice secured or attached to a workbench which is used to grip materials or tools under construction. They are very common tools you find in most trades workshops in Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Shai Hills, Dodowa, Afienya, Prampram, East Legon and many towns and cities in Ghana.

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Clamp tools are a versatile part of most DIY and Professional tool kits, helping grip objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation, when filing metal objects, the vice becomes a very valuable tool. However, clamps are much lighter, and can be used for gripping many different types of materials, and used temporarily to hold parts together when they are being joined. At Dansoaa building material and hardware store we stock optional clamps and vices from different manufacturers such as Irwin, Stanley, Bar Clamp, Magnusson and many other brands. The G-Clamp has been with us for more than half a century and continually used in most home DIY projects, workbench vices are very great tools when you are a professional carpenter or engineer. Clamps and vices hold, clinches, hold tight and even compresses objects for engineering works, artworks, wood works and more. You will find clamps used at many wood carving and art and craft small businesses around the Accra arts council.  

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