Wielded Mesh

Wielded mesh

Wielded mesh is ideal for fencing to provide security and for warding off pets and wild animals from properties. Wielded mesh has many applications in gardening, pets and pet control in our homes, it is used sometimes for dog fencing and dog runs, chicken enclosures and other small animal enclosures. At Dansoaa building materials and hardware stores in Accra, Tema, Shai Hills, and Kumasi and many other towns and cities in Ghana, we stock wielded mesh in different lengths, heights and sizes for your boundary and garden fencing.

Looking for wielded mesh for Boundary and Garden fencing Shop for Quality and Low prices

Wielded mesh come in different material makes, we stock galvanised wielded mesh for providing long lasting against rusting, which might be used for fruit cage, or small hole wielded mesh for machinery guards. If you are using wielded mesh for more protection against wild birds or keeping out squirrels then choose from the 6mm hole for both applications, even so, for rat and mice protection from your home gardens, our home, garden and fencing associate will assist you with all your wielded fencing enquiry in any of our stores in Accra, Tema, Shai Hills, Kumasi and other major towns and villages in Ghana.

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